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About Me

Freedom of expression comes in many forms; for me it came at a later stage in my life. Being a wife, mother and grandmother at an early age; life’s responsibilities meant l never had the time to give to myself. I persevered and I practiced my techniques to end up where I am today.

My paintings are abstract in style and are centred around landscapes, but it is up to you to determine what you see. I explore my art through nature, colours, and imagination. I use brushes, wood, fingers; whatever I find to create texture and layers. My inspiration comes from what I see and feel around me in everyday life. The journey forward is to showcase my passion to the world.

Quality Satisfaction

Quick Turnaround Time

Resourceful & Valuable Consultations

Bespoke Artwork

I focus on painting abstract and landscape art according to your decor and taste. I am a strong believer in looking after our planet and environment so all of my frames are up-cycled. You will get a choice of available frames, and your bespoke painting will take into account the size, colour and aesthetics of the frame resulting in a truly unique piece of artwork you can be proud of.


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